Sunday, 25 March 2012

Good Day, Good Life

Had a practice and shakedown session today for the upcoming shorttrack series at Qld Raceway. Only just having thrown all the painted panels and aero on yesterday I'd been pretty pressed for time all week, giving that unprepared and uneasy feeling a chance to creep in.

I have finally switched to a 215/35 profile up front and dialed a little more camber in and removed castor for clearance and I have to say its the best improvement I have made so far. The car drove flawlessly all day, steering felt like butter and was literally no bind coming off lock anymore, almost no rubbing or cray noises coming from up front, I was stoked!

However, end of the day after a few pushy runs driving on edge in the 5 car team runs Mereki in the baby blue ke70 lucked out with tyres causing his car to spin in front leaving me with nowhere to go. Damage is pretty superficial, rails are fine just have to take the bar back for repairs and paint and buy a whole new front end as well as straighten the rad support. Pretty damn glad this happened at the end of the day as I would hate to think how much fun I would have missed out on. Can't thank Steve Lewis enough for allowing us this track time for practice and i'll hopefully be back out again soon with the car looking smooth again.

My brother Flynn managed to kiss the back of my car on the first run, so happy to be driving with him again, his super aggressive driving style with committed throwing on entries makes him awesome to team up with!!


Family First

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Qr is now stepping up the comp scene with a new short track drivers competition, run by drifters, for drifters, come out and support the Brisbane drift scene!!