Sunday, 29 January 2012

D.Ress Style King

The king of zenki, one of the best street registered s14 Silvia's in the world. Blitz, vertex, ganador, ext gate and full cage is a recipe for perfection!

Endless Summer Rain

So recently Brisbane has copped a heap more rain, hindering further work on the car. Hopefully it'll dry up soon and I'll be able to throw it up on stands and get down to business. Shit will be large!

Friday, 20 January 2012


New Era

Being a broke-ass seems to have been a common occurrence last year, giving me little to spend on the car, little to spend on the finer things in life and has made me appreciate a hell of alot more, the value of a dollar.

On what little I earnt last year I manage to build a motor, rebuild most of my car suspension-wise and attend the biggest event of the Qld Drift Calendar. Thanks to alot of special people I was able to afford to get the car tuned only 4 days before the event, and thankfully the car performed flawlessly the whole weekend, only ending due to a cracked coolant line!

Though 2012 is a new year, start of a new job and personal business, so this means big things in the works for the car this year. If all goes to plan, Aero, Cage, Seats and a few nice power mods will be in the works this year! Thanks to everyone who has viewed the blog/purchased stickers/supported me so far!! Can't thank you guys enough! 2012 will be big!
Same vibe, different state.

54 - 46 Was My Number from Infinite Focus on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Headed out last night with Casey and the boys and although there were alot of police in attendance that were handing out more than a few impound notices and defects, the drive there and back definately made risking rego that much more worth it! Jump on over to shirtstuckedin, although I'm sure if your viewing my blog, you definately already have!

pics courtesy of Casey at shirtstuckedin

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cab is Crab

The current state of my interior is pretty off at the moment, so over the next few months I'll be picking up some new plush carpet, new/or retrimmed dash, vios3 or zeta's preferably red and possibly a cage depending on budget. Will also be throwing her back up on stands for a week or two while I sort out my split cv boot that I never got around to replacing and a few other tidy-up jobs while I'm at it!!

Stay Safe

As I was at the exact place where moreton is now burning only a few days ago I hope everyone over there is safe and that the fire is extinguished quickly!
Casey snapped a sweet ipic whilst I was at the beach! Feels good driving more, although I think I'm losing my hearing!